Private-first podcasting for companies & creators.

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is a hybrid blogging & podcasting platform for publishing internal company communications and member-only content.

For companies

Private podcasting is a great tool for internal company communication.

Replace meetings, offer education and boost company culture through audio. Publish to the places people already are (podcast apps, online and email).

For creators

Private podcasts help podcasters create better relationships with their biggest fans.

Premium content builds a better connection with listeners. Collecting email addresses enables better, more intimate and longer-lasting contact.

Welcome to

The Huge Platform

Text and audio publishing.

Huge makes it easy to publish a mix of blog posts and podcast episodes. Everything's published on a hosted website and in RSS feeds.

Just write in our lovely editor and upload your audio files. We’ll handle the rest.


✓ Unlimited publications

✓ Unlimited posts

✓ Unlimited uploads

✓ Unlimited downloads

✓ Unlimited team members

We only charge by total unique members in your audience.

Analytics to understand your audience.

Figures and charts, so you can see which of your posts are read or listened to the most, and how active your audience is.

Private. But available everywhere.

Huge publishes on top of internet standards—email, web content and podcast feeds—reaching your audience where they already are—email clients, browsers and podcast apps.

Secure and locked down.

Make sure that only the right people access your content, with email-based authentication, unique member podcast feeds and strict member access tools.

Precise access control.

A full suite of access controls let you choose whether your audience can subscribe in RSS feed readers, listen in podcasts apps, read content in emails or only read/listen when logged in to your member-only website.

Easy audio embeds.

Share your podcast episodes on any web page with Huge's beautiful, unbranded and customisable audio player. Read more

Automated early-access posts.

Huge's early-access feature allows you to release posts to members first, then make them available to non-members on a date you choose. Read more

Private by default. Public if you want.

Huge offers many private-focussed features but it also works just as great for regular public podcasts and blogs.

On the Roadmap

Monetisable private content.

Offer paid, ad-free or premium podcast episodes, or publish extra content on Huge as part of an external membership.

Sell directly through Huge or connect to your current payment provider.

Listen to the Huge podcast

Building Something Huge is a podcast by Huge founder, Dan Rowden.

It documents Huge's beginnings with weekly behind-the-scenes episodes, combined with not-to-miss interviews with other indie hackers and podcasters.

Powered by Huge, of course :)

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Private and member-only podcasts have many use cases. What’s yours?


  • CEO updates
  • Employee education
  • Internal media
  • Meetings replacement
  • Investor updates
  • Internal company comms
  • Employee on-boarding


  • Premium episodes
  • Ad-free episodes
  • Early access episodes


  • Audio courses
  • Premium audio content
  • Newsletters as audio


  • Audio books
  • Premium audio content


  • Local news reporting
  • Community media
  • Sports team communication

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