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v1 of Huge's analytics is now live, featuring metrics and charts for member, download and page views.

Unsubscribe options

Members can now easily unsubscribe from post notification emails, with an unsubscribe link added to the footer of emails.

Huge emails also support the one-click "Unsubscribe" feature found in many email clients.

Early-access posts

Early-access posts

Huge now has native support for early-access posts.

Simply mark a post as member-only and then set a date to make the post public. After that date the post becomes "public" for all visitors to your hosted site and automatically appears in your public podcast feed.

Custom audio player

Custom audio player

Huge now has its own custom audio player, which is now used to play posts on hosted sites.

You can also now share your public posts and embed them on any web page.

Disable hosted site crawling

If you choose to disable your hosted site, Huge will stop web crawlers from indexing your content.

Dark mode for hosted sites

Hosted sites now have automatic dark mode, which changes the site colour scheme to match the browser's setting.

Post view counts

There is a new setting for optionally displaying the view count for each post on your hosted site.

Redesigned Subscribe page

The Subscribe page on your hosted site has been redesigned, making it much easier for your members to subscribe to your podcast and RSS feed.

Better signup flow for members

Today sees a few improvements to the member signup flow:

Episode numbers and multiple podcast descriptions

Huge now supports setting an episode number for each audio post.

You can also now set different descriptions for your public and member-only podcast feeds, giving you some flexibility in how you describe your podcast to different groups.

Post order setting

You can now change the order of posts on your website and in podcast players from Settings > Publication.

The two options can be used for different types of content: "Newest first" (the default) is great for content like podcasts, blogs and newsletters, whereas "Oldest first" is for content that should be consumed in a specific order, like audiobooks and educational content.

Post notifications for new posts

Another core part of Huge is now online: post notifications.

When you publish a new post, each member will now get an email notification containing the post title, image and summary.

Note that by design Huge does not send full posts as newsletters, keeping your private content secure within your member website.

Custom publish dates

You can now schedule posts to publish in the future, or update the publish date of any post from the post settings panel.

Feature images for posts

Posts now have a feature image option. Feature images are shown at the top of each post and in link previews across the web.

Pagination on hosted sites and image alt fields

Posts are now paginated on hosted sites, which creates a browseable post archive instead of a long list of posts.

You can now add "alt" text to every image in your posts, which is important for both accessibility and SEO.

Language and Category podcast settings

You can now specify a language and category for your podcast feeds, which are required fields when submitting public podcast feeds to directories like Apple Podcasts and Spotify.

Post excerpts and improved hosted site design

An "excerpt" field has been added to posts, which acts as an intro to a post on your site, the description when links are shared online or viewed in Google and also as the episode summary in podcast apps.

Hosted sites have also had a facelift, with better legibility and layout.

Episode artwork and more podcast settings

You can now upload episode artwork for each individual audio post, which will be displayed in (most) podcast apps when the episode is playing.

There are also now settings in Huge for adding information into podcast feeds, like a description, copyright message and author.

Member feed podcast artwork

It's now possible to add different podcast artwork for private member feeds, giving you the option to distinguish between the regular/public feed and "premium" content.

Member feeds

Each member now has their own private podcast feed so they can listen to your member-only content in their podcast app of choice.

Post previews

When writing a draft, you can now preview the final post in situ on your hosted site.

Member sign ups

Members can now sign up from and log in to your hosted site. Authentication is handled using email-based magic links.

Member imports

It's now possible to import members manually from other platforms. Simply drop a list of emails into the importer. More import options (e.g. with an API) will come in the future.

Audio uploads, podcast feeds and download tracking

Huge is now officially a podcast platform! Today, audio uploads are now possible in the post editor, which turn a regular blog post into a podcast episode.

Audio posts are available to listen to on hosted sites and also in Huge's brand new RSS feeds.

Every download is also now being tracked (analytics coming soon!).

Hosted sites, post images and emojis

Every publication now has its own hosted site where non-members can view posts and sign up as a member, and where members can log in and view all member-only content.

Image uploads have also been added to the editor, so it's possible to drag-and-drop images into posts.

And you can now type : into the editor to open an emoji picker menu 🔥

Marketing home page

Huge now has a website at

Currently there's just a simple homepage with a waitlist form, ready for an announcement.

First deployment

Today Huge was deployed live for the first time!

Add podcasts and posts

The core publishing flow has now been created. It's possible to create new publications and posts (no audio just yet!).

The post editor has come on nicely and accepts all the usual text-based post content like quotes, headings, horizontal lines etc.

Hello, World

First commit!